Shuffleboard Rules

Shuffleboard Rules

Here are the basic shuffleboard rules. To me, it’s kind of like playing Bocce… but on a table. And Instead of trying to be the closest to the pallina, the goal is to be the furthest down the table without going over the edge.

If you’d like to play a game of shuffleboard in the game room during your stay, but aren’t sure what the shuffleboard rules are here’s some information to help get you started.

Both players play from the same end of the table. The idea is to get your puck as close to the opposite edge of the table without falling off the playing surface. Whoever has the closest puck to the edge wins the round.

The object of the game is to push round metal weights across a wooden board to earn points at the opposite end. Points can be obtained by knocking off your opponent’s puck or propelling your puck into the point spaces marked on the opposite end of the playing surface.

Prepping the Shuffleboard Table

In order to make sure the pucks glide smoothly across the table you can spread a small handful of the shuffleboard powder sparingly across the table.

The shuffleboard powder can be found on the shelf above where the life jackets are hung up.

Shuffleboard Rules

Shuffleboard Rules – Game Play

There are two colors, red and blue and each player gets 4 pucks a piece. Each player takes a turn trying to get as close as possible to that opposite edge. To figure out who will start first you can flip a coin. To score points you need to win the round, the winner is whomever has the furthest puck down the table without having the puck fall off the playing surface.

The winner scores points for the furthest puck as well as any consecutive pucks. The example on the right gives a good understanding of the point scroring. In the example red wins the round and gets 3 points for the first puck and 1 point for the second puck. The third red puck doesn’t score any points because blue has a puck (in this case two) in front of it. Had the red puck been in third position it would have also scored 1 point.
Shuffleboard Rules

You can score 1 – 3 points based on the scoring locations on the table, you can also score 4 points for a puck if you manage to get the puck to stick off the opposite edge of the playing surface without falling.

You play each round alternating from each side of the table. If you played from left to right the first round then the next round is right to left and so on.

The first play to score 21 points wins!

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