During your winter stay in Feels Like Heaven, you’re not very far from several of the most popular Poconos Skiing resorts.The Poconos is a great place for a family ski weekend and since it’s less than a 2 hours drive from either New York or Philadelphia it’s very practical.

Although the Poconos mountains are not as large as what you’d find further up north, the close proximity to NYC and Philly makes it a very appealing alternative to the 3 – 4 hour drive to get to those higher northern peaks.

Poconos Skiing - Where To Go

Poconos Skiing

Within 20 minutes drive you have 4 of the most popular Poconos Skiing resorts, Camelback, Shawnee, Jack Frost and Big Boulder. There are also others in the area that are a bit further but the big four in the area are closest to Feels Like Heaven. You can go skiing, snowboarding and snow tubing at all four of the resorts. Camelback also has the additional benefit of night skiing.


Camelback is the most popular ski resort in the Poconos area. Camelback has skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and is the only ski resort in the area that also offers night skiing.

Camelback’s snow tubing park is the largest in the U.S.A., so if snow tubing is what the family is looking for then Camelback would be the ski resort for you!

Camelback is located on one of the highest peaks in the area and is also one of the largest ski resorts (over 160 acres of skiable terrain)

Big Boulder

Big Boulder has an emphasis on terrain parks, half of it’s slopes are devoted to it. This makes Big Boulder a great resort for you if you are into snowboarding, or if you’re a skier that likes the terrain parks. 🙂

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