Lake Naomi Timbered Trail

The Lake Naomi Timbered Trail also known as the Miles Trail is a walking trail that is fun and easy and about an hour long loop into timber trails. It can be accessed from the Recreation Tennis Courts parking lot. The trail starts on Naomi Avenue, crosses Gross Drive and continues into the woods.

When we do the trail we walk from the house down Gross Drive and the trail entrance is on your left. This adds about 20 minutes more walking in each direction on paved roads but it’s a pleasant walk if you’re up for it. Otherwise you can park in the tennis parking lot (indicated by the green diamond on the map).

Don’t forget to first look over the Lake Naomi Hiking Tips to make sure you’re not forgetting anything!

Click on the map picture to open the trail in Google maps.

Lake Naomi - Poconos - Lake Naomi Timbered Trail
Lake Naomi - Poconos - Lake Naomi Timbered Trail Map - Click To Open In Google Maps

Other Hiking Trails Close By

If you’ve already done the Timbered Trail and are looking for other hiking trails there are a few others that you may be interested in exploring.

In Lake Naomi there’s the self-guided trail and the loop in the forest.

Outside of Lake Naomi but pretty close by you also have Bradys Lake Trails and Warner Trails.

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