Lake Naomi Temporary Membership

What A Lake Naomi Temporary Membership Gives You

The amenities you’ll have access to with the purchase of a Lake Naomi temporary membership will depend on the time of year you come and stay with us.

In the summer everything is open and you have access to it all. In other seasons you still have access to everything that’s open, but of course because of the colder weather and the snow only the indoor activities are open.

The temporary membership and the additional fee that goes along with the membership is not required to rent our house, it is only required if you want to use Lake Naomi’s amenities.
All the amounts listed below are just based on information that we have gathered. It’s not official and is definitely subject to change. We have this information here to give you an idea of how the membership fees work.

For definitive amounts please call the Lake Naomi Admin office at +1 (570) 646-9191

Amenities Available All Year Long

Purchasing a Temporary Lake Naomi Membership during the fall, winter and spring months provides you access to:


Lake Naomi - Poconos - Lake Naomi Temporary Membership - Gives You Access To The Indoor Pool

Amenities Available During The Summer

In the summer months (from the 3rd weekend in June thru Labor Day) you have access to all the amenities listed above and in addition:


Lake Naomi Temporary Membership - Gives You Access To All The Pools

The Pocono Pines Lake Naomi Temporary Membership Cost

The temporary Lake Naomi membership price will range between:

Weekend – $150 off peak – $250 peak
Week – $185 off peak – $270 peak

Peak is the summer season, from the third weekend in June to The Labor Day weekend in Sept. Off Peak is typically after Labor Day weekend up to the third weekend in June.

The Temporary Membership covers two adults and their dependent children/grandchildren ages 4-23. Children ages 3 and under do not need a membership badge.

Adult children and their spouses may be added to the membership in the category of Special Family Members for $35 per adult per week.

If you do not wish to add them to the Membership, you may also take them in as guests to the facilities.

Additional family members and friends may be taken into a facility as a guest. See guest fee information below. There are no guest fees at the Clubhouse or at the Lakes and Beaches.

Guest Fees

If someone in your group has a Lake Naomi Temporary Membership, other members of the group can have access to the amenities by paying a Guest fee. The fees vary based on age and the day of the week.

Here’s a general break-down of the fee amounts:

Community Center: $10.00 per adult, $5.00 per child (ages 4-17)

Outdoor pools: $3.00 mid week, $5.00 on weekends

Tennis: $2.00 mid week, $3.00 on weekends

Golf: 9 holes weekday – $15.00, 18 holes weekday – $20.00 9 holes weekend – $20.00, 18 holes weekend – $30.00

The Guest fees only apply to people that are NOT Already listed on the membership.

If You Want To Do More Activities

There are also watercraft rentals available at the sailing office for an additional fee as well as tennis and golf fees which are in addition to the temporary membership. Canoes, Kayaks, Paddle boards and Rowboats can be rented at Club Beach by calling the Sailing office at (570) 646-LAKE. (Summer Season Only).

Boat rental – 2 hour rentals – $20.00,  Half day rentals – $30.00, Full day rental – $40.00

The 2 kayaks and the row boat that we provide are yours to use during your stay, you don’t need to rent anything else. This is in case you have a need for more than 2 kayaks and a row boat. 🙂

Tennis – Lake Naomi Tennis charges a court fee for members of $5.00 per person for doubles and $10 per person for singles.

Golf – Timber Trails Golf Course charges members the following greens fees:  9 holes weekday – $12.00, 18 holes weekday – $15.00, 9 holes weekend – $16.00, 18 holes weekend-$27.00


During your stay at Feels Like Heaven, you’ll also have the option of using the Lake Naomi amenities for an extra fee payable directly to Lake Naomi Club.

The extra fee will make you a temporary Lake Naomi member, which is well worth it when you consider what you get for it.

The temporary membership gives you access to everything Lake Naomi has to offer. Including kids camp, golf, tennis, basketball, paddle boarding, row boating, windsurfing, fishing, sailing, archery, 3 pools (one is indoor and open year round – and is a 10 minute walk or 2 minute drive from the house), 3 lakes (one of which is a relaxing 3 minute walk down a private path next to the house), the gym, the tiki bar by the clubhouse beach (Fun!) and the excellent restaurant at the clubhouse.

To get a better idea of the pricing for the Lake Naomi temporary membership click this link. For exact details and pricing you can go to the Lake Naomi Website or call the Lake Naomi Admin Office at +1 (570) 646-9191.

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