Lake Naomi Pebble Beach

This is a quiet beach located on the peninsula that sticks out into Lake Naomi. It’s a little tricky to find because the road that leads to it looks like a driveway. Pebble Beach is located on the opposite side of the Lake from where Feels Like Heaven is, so it’s further than the other beaches.

We personally prefer Deertrail beach and North Beach and since they are closer we hardly go to Pebble Beach.

Lake Naomi Pebble Beach

How To Get To Lake Naomi Pebble Beach

To get to Lake Naomi Pebble Beach from the house head toward route 423. When you get to 423 cross the street and follow Gross Drive. Make a right on Ridge Road then a left on the end of Ridge Road. Keep following the roads that follow the edge of the lake and that will bring you to Pebble Beach.

Lake Naomi Pebble Beach Location
Note – All the Lake Naomi amenities including access to the lakes and beaches are available for your use during your stay as long as you purchase a temporary Lake Naomi membership

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