Lake Naomi North Beach

Lake Naomi North Beach is the third closest beach to the house. The closest beaches to the house are Deer Trail Beach followed by West Beach.

North Beach is where we keep the two tandem kayaks that are free for your use during your stay at Feels Like Heaven.

North beach, is on Lake Naomi and as the name implies is on the northern part of the lake.

It’s one of the nicest beaches in Lake Naomi. From the beach, you’ll have a great view of the Lake Naomi Clubhouse across the lake and also a great view of Snake Island, one of the four islands in Lake Naomi.

Lake Naomi North Beach With a View of Snake Island

How To Get To Lake Naomi North Beach

To get to North Beach head toward route 423 and cross the street. Follow Gross Drive and make a right on Naomi Drive. Naomi Drive leads directly to North Beach.

Lake Naomi North Beach Location

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