Lake Naomi Judge’s Pond Beach

Lake Naomi Judge’s Pond Beach is another quiet beach on Lake Naomi which borders the state forest. Judge’s Pond is a small stream fed pond with a seasonally life guarded beach area that’s the perfect spot for sunning and relaxing.

There are a total of 7 Lake Naomi beaches and since Judge’s Pond is located on the opposite side of Lake Naomi, it’s the furthest beach from Feels Like Heaven.

How To Get To Lake Naomi Judge’s Pond Beach

From the house head toward route 423, when you get to 423 cross the street and walk down Gross Drive. Continue to walk down Gross Drive to the end, then make a left on Woodland Avenue. Follow Woodland Avenue across the bridge, when you’re crossing the bridge you’ll see the beach on your left.

Directions To Lake Naomi Judge's Pond Beach

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