Lake Naomi Hiking Tips

Here are a few Lake Naomi Hiking Tips (or hiking tips in general :-)) to consider before doing your hiking on the Lake Naomi Walking Trails:

  • Hunting is permitted in the Gamelands, so bright clothing (orange or red is recommended) should be worn during the hunting seasons.
  • Geographic and weather conditions should determine appropriate equipment and clothing. Generally, sturdy shoes are a must.
  • We recommend bringing the bear bells that we provide with the house rental, that way bears can hear you coming and will stay clear of you way before you get too close to them.
  • If someone in your group wants/needs a walking stick we provide one in the house by the first floor front doors.
Poison Ivy – Click this pic to learn how to identify it
  • Poison ivy is common and Lyme disease is possible throughout the hiking trails; long shirts and pants offer some protection.
  • Never drink untreated water. Giardiasis, a micro-organism found in open streams can cause illness.
  • Privately-owned land is located around the Timbered Trial. Please respect any private property you might find on your hikes.
  • Bring a fully charged cell phone with you, one with GPS would be even better.
  • Hike with someone, it’s safer and more fun!
  • Don’t forget your camera, your sure to come across something worth taking a picture of!

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