Lake Naomi Fishing

In Lake Naomi fishing is allowed at all three lakes as well as the fishing pond. All three lakes and the fishing pond are stocked at the beginning of the season.

Lake Naomi is one of the largest private lakes in Pennsylvania and because no gas powered boats are permitted, the waters are also one of the cleanest and clearest in the North East.

Lake Naomi has nine marinas for boat storage. As our guest you will also have access to the row boat which is parked on Deer Trail Lake. It’s a 12 foot Sun Dolphin Jon boat which can seat two people.

Lake Naomi also has a fishing pond or trout pond which is fully stocked and is a really good area for beginners to try their hand at fishing.

Lake Naomi - Poconos - Lake Naomi Fishing

Lake Naomi Fishing Programs

Lake Naomi offers instructional programs in artificial lures, fly-fishing, artificial lures and stream studies.

Lake Naomi also has a number of fishing programs including:

  • Annual Bass Tournament
  • Kid’s Fishing Clinic
  • Youth Fishing Derby
  • Fly Fishing Clinic
  • Fly Fishing Strategies
  • Kayak Tours
  • Fish Stockings
Note: A fishing license is required for all anglers 16 years of age and older.

Here’s a link to PA’s website with more info a and an FAQ about licenses: Fishing Licenses FAQ

In order to fish on any of the Lake Naomi lakes, you’ll also need to have a Lake Naomi membership.

If you are renting a house in Lake Naomi and the owners have a Lake Naomi membership, you’ll be able to purchase a Temporary Lake Naomi membership which will allow you to fish in Lake Naomi as well as give you access to all the Lake Naomi amenities.

Lake Naomi Fishes

The fish that are abundantly found in Lake Naomi include large-mouth bass, small-mouth bass, trout, crappie, pickerel, panfish, perch, bluegill and walleye.

The Lake Naomi community encourages live release of all trout and all walleye and bass must be live released. Releasing these species not only increases reproduction but also allows them to provide you sport another day.


Lake Naomi Season, Sizes & Creel Limits

Trout: Season opens the second Saturday in April. Anglers can keep up to 4 trout per day that are at least 7″ in length. After the first Saturday in September fishing for trout is still allowed but catch and release must be practiced.


Lake Naomi - Poconos - Lake Naomi Fishing - Lake Naomi Fish
Bass: Both large-mouth and small-mouth bass season opens on the third Saturday in June and closes January 1st. No bass may be kept, all bass must be live released.

Pickerel: Season is open year-round and anglers may keep up to 4 fish per day that are at least 18″ in length.

Walleye: Season is open year-round but all walleye must be live released.

Panfish: Which includes Bluegill, Yellow Perch, Crappie and catfish have no size limits and no seasonal restrictions.

Lake Naomi Fishing Locations

There is no fishing permitted on any of the beaches. You can fish from a boat, one of the indicated access points (the A’s on the map below) or from the public shoreline (the green areas on the map below). All other shoreline should be considered private property and fishing is not permitted.

Lake Naomi - Poconos - Lake Naomi Fishing - Lake Naomi Fishing Locations

Fishing Close to Lake Naomi

Lake Naomi is a great place to go fishing, but if you’re looking for another place to fish or don’t have the temporary Lake Naomi membership, then going to a fishing spot outside of Lake Naomi but close by may be a great option for you.

There are many places to go fishing close to Lake Naomi. Here’s a blog post with a list of some of the closest Poconos fishing spots to Lake Naomi.

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