Lake Naomi Deer Trail Lake

Lake Naomi Deer Trail Lake is the closest lake to the house, only a 3 minute walk down an unpaved road next to the house.

The walk is relaxing and enjoyable surrounded by rhododendrons and beautiful tall pine trees.

Lake Naomi Deer Trail Lake is one of three lakes found in the Lake Naomi Community. The other two lakes are Timber Trails Lake and of course, Lake Naomi.

Deer Trail Beach At Lake Naomi Deer Trail Lake
The trail to Lake Naomi Deer Trail Lake

Deer trail Lake is a 15 acre spring fed lake that has a nice sandy beach. Deer trail beach is one of the more private beaches, not too many people know about it so if you want a quiet place to take in the sun this will be the place to go.

While at Deer Trail Lake you can fish, kayak or relax on Deer Trail beach. Deer Trail Lake has a seasonal lifeguard on Duty.

Deer Trail Lake is where we keep our row boat which is free for you to use when you book a stay at this vacation rental.

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