Lake Naomi Beaches

Lake Naomi Beaches

There are a total of 7 Lake Naomi beaches spread out over Lake Naomi’s three lakes:

Deer Trail beach is on Deer Trail Lake, Timber Trails Beach is on Timber Trails Lake and the rest of the beaches are all on Lake Naomi itself.

During the summer months, all the Lake Naomi beaches are staffed by certified lifeguards.

Club beach, Timber Trails beach and North beach all have bathhouses. The other beaches all have port a johns.

Deer Trail Beach

Deer Trail Beach is the closest beach to Feels Like Heaven, in fact the trail to it runs right in front of the house. The trail to the beach goes through the greenbelt so it’s a quiet walk through the woods surrounded by towering pine trees and rhododendrons. Deer Trail Beach is also a very quiet and relaxing beach.

We like this beach because it’s very close to the house and it’s one of the less populated beaches.

Lake Naomi's Deer Trail Lake In The Fall

North Beach

North Beach is Located on Lake Naomi across the lake from the club house.

We keep the kayaks at North beach during the kayaking season. It’s our second favorite beach, it’s a large sandy beach and it has a great view of the clubhouse and snake island.

Lake Naomi's North Beach In The Summer

Club Beach

Club Beach is the main beach in Lake Naomi and is the most popular of the Lake Naomi beaches. You can find Club beach next to the club house.

Club Beach is also where you’ll find the tiki bar and where you go to rent canoes, kayaks, sailboats and paddle boards. There is also a cafe and the clubhouse restaurant.

Lake Naomi's Club Beach In The Summer

West Beach

West Beach is the second closest beach to the house. It’s next to the small bridge and Lake Naomi Dam on route 423 when you come into Lake Naomi.

Judge’s Pond Beach

Judge’s Pond Beach is another quiet beach on Lake Naomi which borders the state forest. During our stays we don’t visit Judge’s Pond Beach very much since it’s the furthest beach from the house.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is a quiet beach on the peninsula that jets into Lake Naomi. This is another beach that we don’t really frequent, because of it’s distance from the house.

Timber Trails Beach

Timber Trails Beach is located on Timber Trails Lake, Timber Trails Beach is a quiet sandy beach which also features a children’s playground.

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