Keeping Toasty During Your Winter Stay

Tips For Keeping Toasty During Your Winter Stay

We’re excited to have you as our guests! We want to make sure you make the most of your stay and of course staying toasty in the mountains during the winter months is something that will help a lot.

The Pocono Mountains are at least 10 – 20 degrees cooler than the city or suburbs. 10 – 20 degrees may not sound like much but when it’s the peak of winter, it adds up to a big difference in temperatures.

Below are some tips on what to pack and things you can do to ensure you have a comfortable stay.

Current Temperature

Here’s the temperature and weather in the Poconos for the next few days so you have an idea of what to expect.

What to pack for cold weather

What to Pack

The house will be set to 70 degrees a couple of days before your arrival, which is a comfortable temperature for most.

We'd suggest bringing sweaters, warm socks and cozy slippers with you on your trip.

Those items make it super cozy while sitting by the fire drinking a hot tea. 🙂

If you're planning on spending any time outdoors it's best to bring:

  • extra sweaters
  • a good winter coat
  • warm gloves or mittens
  • a warm hat
  • a scarf and/or earmuffs
  • winter boots

Keep The Doors Closed

Although the house temperature will be set to 70 when you get to the house, the temperature in the house will quickly fall once the outside doors are opened.

Of course it all depends on what the outside temperature is when the door is opened, but if there is a 50 degree difference between the outside temperature and the inside temperature, it won't take long for the inside of the house to get cold. And once the inside temps lower it takes a little bit of time for it to climb back up to a comfortable temperature again.

That's when the sweaters, warm socks and slippers can come in very handy. 🙂

Keep doors closed
Livingroom Fireplace

When Not Using The Fireplaces Make Sure The Damper Is Closed

Nothing beats the feeling of coming into the chalet from the cold and snuggling into the couches with a roaring fire and something warm to drink.

The thing to keep in mind is that if a fire is not burning in the fireplace and the fireplace damper is open, the chimney is letting all the warm air in the house escape.

If the fireplace is not on, and there is no smoldering ashes left over in the fireplace, please close the fireplace dampers in both fireplaces. That will help keep things toasty.

If you aren't sure how to close the dampers you can take a look at the House Guide. It has pictures of both dampers along with instructions on how to close them.

Make sure the windows are completely closed

Cold air can also come in from windows that are not completely closed.  Even if a window is closed, but was mistakenly locked with a tiny crack left slightly open, you will feel a drop in temperature.  So, please confirm by unlatching the window, turning the lever to tighten and then latching it again.

Keep doors closed

Set The Temperature In Each Room

Every room in the house has an electric baseboard heater with it's own thermostat. You can set the temperature to each room individually, which is great since not everyone's idea of a comfortable temperature is the same. 🙂

Living Room with vaulted ceilings leather power sectional and huge fireplace
Great Room - Pool table, leather recliners 60

Use The Propane Heater

There is a propane heater in the great room. Turn it on for a little extra warmth when needed.


Not sure how to turn on the propane heaters? Take a look at the house guide, it has instructions along with pictures.

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