How To Use The Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is pretty straight forward to use once you get comfortable with it.

The Coffee Maker

Where To Add The Water And Coffee Grinds

Everything happens under the top cover, both the water and the coffee grinds get added there.

The water and the coffee grinds are both added under the top cover. The coffee grinds go in the re-usable coffee filter (gold colored) that is toward the front of the coffee maker and the water goes into the space at the back of the coffee maker.

On the side of the coffee maker you can see how much water is being added. To make things simpler we usually measure using the coffee carafe then pour that water into the back of the coffee maker.

Top Of The Coffee Maker

Turning The Coffee Maker On & Off

The buttons to turn the coffee maker on and off are located on the lower right of the coffee maker.

The Front Of The Coffee Maker

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