Feels Like Heaven – Row Boat

During your stay you can use the row boat for fishing or just enjoying some time on the lake.

The row boat is a 12 foot Sun Dolphin Jon boat which has four fishing rod holders and space for two (up to 510 lbs).

The Row Boat You Can Use During Your Stay

Where To Find The Boat

The row boat is parked at Deertrail Lake, just a short walk from the house. When you get to the beach the boat will be parked on the right hand side of the beach.

The Row Boat You Can Use During Your Stay

Things To Keep In Mind

You are welcome to use the row boat, but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

The boat can only be used when water craft are allowed on the lakes.

You also need to have a temporary Lake Naomi membership in order to put any watercraft in the lakes. When using the row boat or the kayaks the use of life jackets is required. You can find life jackets as well as the oars for the row boat in the game room. The life jackets are hanging on the wall behind the game room door and the row boat oars are the gold colored ones next to the ping pong table.

The Code For The Boat Lock

The boat lock code can be found either in the Home Away app under boating or in the check-in email we send you before your arrival.

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