3 Things That Make This a Unique Poconos Vacation Rental

There are many things that make this a unique Poconos vacation rental, and set it apart from all the others. For example, there loads of improvements that we’ve made and amenities we provide that very few vacation rentals even consider providing.

Aside from all that, Feels Like Heaven has a uniqueness to it. It has a look and feel that no other house in the Poconos offers. Here are the top 3 things that we feel, make this house is so unique.

From the wall of windows, to the high vaulted ceilings, the stone fireplace, and the large spikes that frame the house’s entrance – this house has a lot of style and isn’t shy about it! (And we Love that!) 🙂

1. The Unique Construction

This house is built like a house would have been built a couple hundred years ago. Everything is made of wood, even the walls!

The wood everywhere definitely makes the house feel super cozy.

It’s hard to describe but there’s a solidity to it, something we have never felt in any other house we’ve been in. 

A Unique Poconos Vacation Rental - Everything is made of Wood
A Unique Poconos Vacation Rental - Everything is made of Wood

2. Two Enormous Stone Fireplaces

 The fireplaces are the centerpiece of the house. Both fireplaces are very unique, and also have an old world feeling.

The openings to both fireplaces are much bigger than modern day fireplaces and the floor to ceiling stone add to the rustic feel of the house.


A Unique Poconos Vacation Rental - 2 Huge Fireplaces
A Unique Poconos Vacation Rental - 2 Huge Fireplaces

3. A Really Large Deck Facing The Woods

The deck is one of the largest decks you will find in a vacation rental.

An couple of added benefits to the deck are that it faces the woods and it’s elevated.

Many of the houses in Lake Naomi have a deck that either faces a neighbor or a public space like a road, but not here! 🙂

A Unique Poconos Vacation Rental - A Gigantic Second Floor Deck

When you’re sitting on the second-floor deck you could almost imagine you’re in a treehouse.

The combination makes the deck a quiet, relaxing place to hang out and get some fresh air.

It’s Like Being In The Mountains In Europe

We’re not sure what exactly gives it the feel of being in Europe, maybe the old-world construction, maybe just the general style of the house but you do feel like you are someplace else while staying here… someplace very special.

Take a look at more pictures or book your next stay below.

A Unique Poconos Vacation Rental - The Living Room Wall Of Windows

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